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International Competition for Music Composition and Production

We announce SINCRONIE HEADSCAPE, a Competition for Music Composition and Production. Here follows the announcement’s text.

The Sincronie Cultural Association is pleased to announce the Third International Competition for Music Composition and Music production SINCRONIE..
The contest is dedicated to the production of music aiming to be listened through headphones.

If sound is space and the experience of listening to it changes at least according to the acoustic properties of the location in which it is emitted, listening through a headphone allows to listener to isolate himself from the sonic environment he is immersed in and at the same time it opens perception to new spaces and movements that are no more bounded to the surrounding walls.

In this way, a headphone is for sound what the 3D glasses are for vision: the signal is sent independently to the two ears so that a total separation is possible between what reaches the left ear and what reaches the right ear. We have thus the chance to control in a very precise way the space that is reconstructed by listening.

Moreover listening through headphones non only gives the possibility to immerse the listener in a virtual sonic space, but it can also deliver a sound resolution that is higher than loudspeakers’ one as acoustic isolation is able to suppress background noise so that music can reach a very weak volume, that in an ordinary listening is unreachable. Therefore headphones are not just a mean to eliminate the inconvenience of an annoying loud sound for neighbours, but are both sonic microscopes and devices for a sonic virtuality in an experience environment, that might be “other” as in the recreation of soundscapes, but also as “alien” or “impossible” one.

These are just some topics that we think must be dealt with in proposing an electronic work or a live set to be realized in Milano on december 2014, during a double concert for headphones, that will also be broadcasted via internet streaming in real time.

The competition is open to members of Sincronie Cultural Association, to which one subscribes automatically by paying the registration fee without limits of age and nationality.

The applicants will present up to three works and/or live sets that are created for being listened through headphones. The submitted versions cannot have a duration shorter than 10 minutes and longer than 20 minutes.

In case of live sets, the applicants commit to realize themselves the performance.

The award will go to those who will develop the issue of headphone listening in a creative and original way

The submitted works must be unpublished.
Electronic music material will be sent via the internet following the the instructions below. It will also be possible to follow other ways of delivery prior agreement with the competition secretaryship.

Applicants enrol by paying the registration fee, which includes membership to Associazione Sincronie, with bank transfer or PayPal from this page.
The basic registration fee is 15 Euros for one work/live. For each further submission (up to a total maximum amount of three submissions) 10 Euros must be added.

In case of payment with payPal the following link can be used:

Iscrizione a Sincronie HEADSCAPE

In case of payment by bank transfer, this must be addressed to:
         SINCRONIE via Pola, 19 Milano
          Banca Popolare Commercio e Industria
          IBAN IT 10 A 05048 01693 000000081412

Send an e-mail to indicating:
         • name and surname of entrant;
         • full address;
         • payment details;
         • mail delivery (if different from sender).
         • link on your SoundCloud page ( where to find your submission/submissions
         together with its/their title.

If you don't have a page on SoundCloud, you can register easily and for free.

Those who will not have sent the materials within the deadline will be excluded from the competition.
Furthermore, the followers cannot take part in the competition:
         • the members of the jury;
         • members of Sincronie’s governing council.

Until September 30, 2013, queries regarding the call may exclusively be forwarded via e-mail to

The jury shall select up to eight winning works/live sets that will be performed in public during a Sincronie's event at the O' gallery in MIlano in the first months of 2015.
The event will be streamed in internet and will be published (under acceptance of the authors) on Sincronie's netlabel.

Projects shall be selected by an international jury, whose decisions shall be final and unquestionable. 
The jury is composed as follows:
         • Angélica Castelló (composer, performer and sound artist -
         • Michele Coralli (journalist and producer -
         • Fabio Carboni (producer, co-founder of Die Schachtel)
         • Nicola Ratti (sound designer and musician -
         • Massimiliano Viel (composer, member of the artistic direction of Sincronie -

The deadline for the submission of work/live sets with the modalities listed in the paragraph 3 of this announcement is 12.00 am December 31, 2014.

Entrants must hold the copyright of the materials that are present in the submitted works/live sets, thus assuming all liability in connection with any breach of copyright and committing to hold harmless  the Organizing body's defenses to the charges in court.
By accepting the terms of the competition, entrants accept all rules and notes in the call and authorize the Organization to publish - in any format or support and with purposes of awarding, promoting and disseminating the activities of Sincronie - the submitted music.
Moreover, entrants declare to have nothing to claim as remuneration for the use, on behalf of the Organization, of their music in accordance to the above-mentioned purposes.
Personal details supplied by entrants, required for the purposes related to the competition,  shall be treated in accordance with the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003, and shall only be communicated to third parties for reasons connected to the competition itself.
The Data Controller of documents and personal details shall be: Associazione Culturale Sincronie, Via Pola, 19, Milan.

The Organization reserves the right to cancel or suspend the competition for any reason,  including causes beyond its will. The Organization assumes no liability for any problems or technical, computer related or natural mishap preventing the loading, the receipt and evaluation of projects of entrants.
The Organization reserves the right to change the contents of this call for works at any time, with appropriate notice on the official website of Sincronie (
By participating in the competition, the authors of the works accept all the points in the present announcement.