with the support of Federazione Cemat – Ente di Promozione della Musica Contemporanea Italiana
and of Edizioni Sconfinarte
within the cadre of Festival Gesualdo Milano 2013

International Competition for Composition and Music Production

We announce SINCRONIE FOR GESUALDO, 400 YEARS LATER, a Competition for Composition and Music Production . Here follows the announcement’s text.

The Sincronie Cultural Association is pleased to announce the Second International Competition for Composition and Music production SINCRONIE..
The contest is dedicated to Carlo Gesualdo di Venosa (1566-1613), a most important figure of Italian XVI century music scene and is intended to celebrate the fourth centenary from Gesualdo’s death by putting his music and his dizzying harmonies in contact with the techniques and the thought of contemporary instrumental and electronic music.

Carlo Gesualdo, principe di Venosa. Carlo Gesualdo, Prince of Venosa (March 8, 1566, Venosa - September 8, 1613, Gesualdo), is one of the greatest Italian composers of vocal polyphony of the late XVI century. Whimsical and very personal musician, at the stylistic antipode from Luca Marenzio and Claudio Monteverdi, was a prolific composer of madrigals (six books for five voices) and sacred music (two books of sacrae cantiones and one of responsoria). His teachers were Pomponio Nenna, Stefano Felis, Scipione Stella and other excellent musicians of the era. Prone to a contrapuntal revolutionary writing, strongly characterized by chromaticism and harmonic extreme boldness, he exercised considerable influence on composers of his time .
Since the last century he inspired the creation of cinematographic and musical dramas which were dedicated to him and attracted the attention of many composers who studied his work including Igor Stravinsky, who in 1960 created a Monument pro Gesualdo di Venosa including the elaborations of three madrigals of «Principe dei musici» (Prince of the musicians) for wind and string instruments. In addition to the artistic achievements, Gesualdo is also remembered for his tragic and violent first marriage with Maria d'Avalos which was surprised committing adultery and was ultimately killed along with her lover Fabrizio Carafa on the night of 21 February 1594.

The competition is open to members of Sincronie Cultural Association, to which one subscribes automatically by paying the registration fee without limits of age and nationality.

The competition is divided in two categories:
Category A: version for instruments with or without electronic music;
Category B: version for electronic music only.

The applicants will present up to three versions of one or more works chosen among the listed ones without any stylistic or aesthetic restrictions. The chosen works may be may be used in whole or in part.

For both categories. the submitted versions cannot have a duration longer than 12 minutes.

The award will go to those who will use the provided material in order to create a composition that, while maintaining a certain degree of recognition of the source, will develop musical emotions beyond any genre or style.

The submitted scores must be unpublished and will be sent as email attachment in pdf format..
Electronic music material (only for category A) will be sent via the internet following the the instructions below. It will also be possible to follow other ways of delivery prior agreement with the competition secretaryship.

CATEGORY A: version for instrument with or without electronics.
Applicants are asked to compose a version for instruments only or for instruments and electronics of a madrigal by Gesualdo chosen among the followers:
a) "Languisce al fin" (from Quinto libro);
b) "Tribolationem et dolorem"(from Sacrae Cantiones);
c) "Ancide sol la morte" (from Sesto libro).

It is possible to obtain the scores of the three madrigals, by downloading the compressed (zip) file from the application page.

The available instruments are:
flute (flute in sol and bass flute), clarinet (including bass clarinet), violin, viola, cello and electronic keyboard.
The electronic keyboard will control a set of samples that will be provided by the applicant.

The applicants may choose any combination of the available instruments, also with the addition of a stereophonic electronic track. It will also be possible to use a click track for the conductor.

It is not possible to use live electronics, that is any real time electronic processing of any kind.

CATEGORY B: versione for electronic music only.CATEGORY B: versione for electronic music only.
Applicants are asked to realise a version for electronics only, also in in the form of a “remix”, of Luca Francesconi’s version of madrigal by Gesualdo "Moro lasso al mio duolo" (from Sesto libro), in the recording by Avanti Chamber Orchestra. It’s possible to listen to this transcription in mp3 format from the application page.

It will be possible to obtain the non compressed track to use for the applicant’s version at an address that will be provided personally to the applicant via email, as soon as the registration fee is received by the competition secretaryship.

The electronic version must be intended for the stereophonic projection.

         1 - Download the pdf scores in a compressed (zip) file and/or listen to the reference mp3 track for the Category B
              from the application page;

         2 - Applicants enrol by paying the registration fee, which includes membership to Associazione Sincronie, in one
               of the following ways:
              • by bank transfer with the payment reason: “membership and competition” to:
                SINCRONIE via Pola, 19 Milano
                Banca Popolare Commercio e Industria
                IBAN IT 10 A 05048 01693 000000081412

              • by PayPal payment from the application page.

               The basic registration fee is 35 Euros for both categories and entitles the applicant to send only one work.
               Further submissions (up to three altogether) are possible in both categories, even in a different category from
               the first submission’s one, by adding for each further submission a fee increment of 20 Euros.

         3 - Send an e-mail to indicating:
               • name and surname of entrant;
               • full address;
               • payment details;
               • chosen motto/mottos, if applicable (see below);
               • mail delivery (if different from sender).

         4 - Wait for an email confirming the acceptance of the applciation and (in case of Category B) specifying the URL
               from which to download the reference track in WAV format, compressed with ZIP.

         5 - Category A:
               Send an e-mail to with the pdf of score/scores in attachment.
               On the score/scores there must be no name of the applicant, but a motto that must be different for each
               submitted score.
               Electronic materials, if any, may be sent to the same address, by means of a free upload/download service
               such as Wetransfer (, Pando ( or other.

               Category B:
               Send an e-mail to indicating the link on your SoundCloud page
               where to find your submission/submissions and the title of the submitted version/versions. If you didn’t
               register to SoundCloud, you can do it easily and for free.

         6 - Wait for an email specifying that you have been selected with the details about the awards.

Those who will not have sent scores and materials within the competition deadline.
Furthermore, the followers cannot take part in the competition:
         • the members of the jury;
         • members of Sincronie’s governing council.

Until July 30, 2013, queries regarding the call may exclusively be forwarded via e-mail to

The jury shall select up to four winning versions,two for Cateogry A and two for Category B that will be performed in public in Fall 2013 within the Festival Gesualdo Milano 2013, in the second half of November 2013.
After the live performance, the jury will award the following prizes:
         Category A:
         1st prize: 1300 euro.
         2nd prize: 500 euro;

         The winner scores will be published by Edizioni Sconfinarte
         Category B:
         1st prize: 800 euro;
         2nd prize: 400 euro.

The works performance will be recorded.

Projects shall be selected by an international jury, whose decisions shall be final and unquestionable. 
The jury is composed as follows:
         for Categories A and B:
         • Luca Francesconi (composer)
         • Mario Garuti (composer)
         • Riccardo Nova (composer, member of Sincronie's board)
         • Renato Rivolta (conductor)
         • Massimiliano Viel (composer, member of Sincronie's board)
         for Category A:
         • Giovanni Acciai (musicologist and choir conductor)
         for Category B:
         • Ivan Pavlov aka COH (producer and composer)

The deadline for the submission of scores and / or audio files with the modalities listed in the paragraph 3 of this announcement is 12.00 am September 15, 2013.

Entrants must hold the copyright of the materials, other than Gesualdo’s piece supplied by the Organization, thus assuming all liability in connection with any breach of copyright and committing to hold harmless  the Organizing body's defenses to the charges in court.
By accepting the terms of the competition, entrants accept all rules and notes in the call and authorize the Organization to publish - in any format or support and with purposes of awarding, promoting and disseminating the activities of Sincronie - the submitted music.
Moreover, entrants declare to have nothing to claim as remuneration for the use, on behalf of the Organization, of their music in accordance to the above-mentioned purposes.
Personal details supplied by entrants, required for the purposes related to the competition,  shall be treated in accordance with the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003, and shall only be communicated to third parties for reasons connected to the competition itself.
The Data Controller of documents and personal details shall be: Associazione Culturale Sincronie, Via Pola, 19, Milan.

The Organization reserves the right to cancel or suspend the competition for any reason,  including causes beyond its will. The Organization assumes no liability for any problems or technical, computer related or natural mishap preventing the loading, the receipt and evaluation of projects of entrants.
The Organization reserves the right to change the contents of this call for works at any time, with appropriate notice on the official website of Sincronie (
By participating in the competition, the authors of the works accept all the points in the present announcement, including the acceptance to be published by Edizioni Sconfinarte.